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I was reading a story today by Isaac Babel, "My First Goose", and was wondering if any of you knew where I could find the story in its original russian. There's this one sentence that sounds so weird in english and I was hoping to find it and get a better meaning straight from the source. Any help would be much appreciated!

EDIT: Thanks to all of you for your help finding the story. See, I'm a super novice at Russian, but my Fiction Portfolio teacher and I can't stand this one part in the story (English one) when the Landlady says something like, "I want to go and hang myself." In context it sounds rather dull and unclimactic, and I know it has to mean so much more and probably got translated flatly. So that's what I'm really looking to get at, if you wouldn't mind helping me a wee bit further.

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Thanks again! You guys are great.