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Translation of графическое письмо

Dear all,

again I am here for your help. Does anybody know what graficheskoe pis'mo means in the context of music?
For exampe (about a piece of music for piano):
Тему проводит левая рука,в нижнем регистре(главная партия), а правая очень"примитивно" аккомпанирует,то есть используются простые,арпеджионные фигурации с альбертиевыми басами.Вроде мысль понятная,средства минимальные,гомофонная фактура,графическое письмо.
I understand everything but the last two words. Graphic text? The musical score? I'm lost...

Big thanks in advance! :-)
  • anpheus

Translation requested, "Крошка моя" by Руки вверх

Hello, I've unfortunately taken Russian for all of about one year total, and haven't had the chance to continue studying. Independently studying, while appealing, wasn't really possible at the time. Could someone please donate their time towards translating this song?

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Edit: Egads, I wasn't asking for your opinion on the choice of music or the artist. Come off it and just help someone rather than criticize them, for once. Please?