Cyril Moshkow (wolk_off) wrote in learn_russian,
Cyril Moshkow

Let's Chat!

This post is the permanent meeting point for all learners of Russian language who are looking for real-time communication in Russian (or for a pen pal), as well as for native Russian speakers who are willing to offer such communication, or are seeking for a Russian-English chat ("you correct my mistakes in English, I correct yours in Russian.") This means all sorts of conversational exchange: e-mail, AIM, ICQ (or any other instant messenger,) Skype (or any other voice chat,) in-person communication etc. We place the link to this post in the community rules section.
How does it work?
You just leave a comment here, describing the type of service you look for or offer. Your potential peers will surf through the comments and hopefully contact you.
Why it is not permitted anymore to offer (or ask for) such services in separate posts within the community?
Because this community is primarily educational, and its members grow tired of monotonous chat-offering posts that pollute it, and voted to introduce this new rule.
What if I still want to leave a separate post offering my [best in the world] real-time communication service in the community?
Unfortunately, your post will be deleted soon.
What if I post the same stuff again?
Unfortunately, your further participation in this community will be terminated.

Thanks for understanding. Find good peers! As a secondary option, you may want to visit a community entirely dedicated to communication exchange: languagebuddies.
Tags: moderational

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