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Oswald competent in Russian?

Many years ago (in the 70's), I took an elective course at the United States Naval Academy in the Political Science Department. The Kennedy assassination was very topical at the time since it was being reinvestigated under the HSCA (House Select Committee on Assassinations).

As probably many of you know, Lee Harvey Oswald, Kennedy's alleged assassin, taught himself Russian. He lived in Minsk for about 2 years where he eventually married a Russian woman, Marina. They had a child and returned to the United States.

Prior to the Kennedy assassination (November 22, 1963), what few people know is that Oswald made an assassination attempt on a right wing extremist who resided in Dallas, General Edwin Walker. He used the same rifle that he ultimately used against Kennedy.

Oswald was very secretive about his plan to kill General Walker, not even telling his own wife.

The night he went out to kill Walker, Oswald left a 2-page note for Marina. That note was ultimately discovered by the investigators in the wake of the Kennedy assassination and it was entered into evidence.

I have read this note and it seems Oswald was not very good at writing Russian.

I would like one of you native Russians to look over this note and make an estimate at what level Oswald was with his Russian. For instance, did he write better than a 5th grader? Was it adult-style writing?



David Emerling
Memphis, TN

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