June 1st, 2008

Plan workz!

Naming help?

Since this community has been a great help before, I'd like to exploit your generosity once again.

I need to name a male character, first name will be Alexeij/Sascha (background in Germany, so the spelling would be Germanized), but I'm stumped for a last name. Ideally, it would be a common name in Russian that means "warrior" or "soldier" or has connotations of typical "warrior-like" attributes, such as steadfastness, strength, honesty, loyalty, and/or honor. Please also provide the name transcribed into English - my Cyrillic isn't great, and I'd prefer not to make any mistakes.

Thank you very much!

EDIT: Thanks, guys, I have the name! You've been great, as usual.
girl!, come on

looking for a pen-friend

Hi everybody!

I'm a native Russian speaker willing to master my English. Aged 24, M.
Are there any folks wishing to improve their Russian? If you can speak English naturally, or better is a native speaker, I'll be happy to talk to you.

Available on ICQ (423-868-891) mainly during business hours, GMT+3.
Skype is an option, although limited.

Kind regards,

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There's an expression that goes something like "вести себя как полки в банке" or something like that which means "to behave like fools/idiots." How does the actual saying go? I know I'm saying it wrong.