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Russian Dictionary Apps [сент. 29, 2016|05:08 pm]
Learn Russian


Hi everyone! I'm sure this has been asked before, but what apps do you recommend for a Russian-English dictionary? I love Multitran and how detailed it is, as well as ABBY Lingvo (when it was still alive...) but I can't seem to find an app from them so I can pull this information easily from my phone. Help? Спасибо заранее!

[User Picture]From: alamar
2016-09-30 12:40 am
I think Lingvo has android app at least.
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[User Picture]From: g_kar
2016-09-30 12:51 am
I check stuff on the go by opening Multitran website in my smartphone's browser - it works just fine :)
They don't have app for modern mobile operating systems, sadly. Only for ancient Pocket PC/Symbian...

Lingvo, on other hand, has:
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[User Picture]From: dil
2016-09-30 09:54 am
I'm using Multitran online.
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[User Picture]From: skylark
2016-09-30 01:14 am
Golden Dictionary as a shell. You can add a lot of dictionaries into it, including those made for Lingvo.
This app has free version, which supports up to 5 dictionaries.
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[User Picture]From: medvedkinskaja
2016-09-30 10:52 am
I use an app for my iphone that is called Langbook. It was cheaper than ABBY Lingvo but it takes a lot of memory. Other than that I'm satisfyed with it.
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[User Picture]From: alexyv
2016-09-30 12:16 pm
ABBYY Lingvo has an app for all mobile platforms: Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. They also have desktop application for Windows PC and for Mac.
I usually use their online service to translate words. I used to use Lingvo Online but now it redirects to their new service Lingvo Live. You can use it for free but it requires registration. There's also Lingvo Live app.
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[User Picture]From: rainman_rocks
2016-09-30 05:10 pm
Glosbe app is pretty nice, although I'm not sure how reliable its maintainers are.

Otherwise, Google Translate is a good and easy option.
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