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ещё vs. уже [сент. 10, 2015|11:40 pm]
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Can somebody please explain in which cases "yet" is translated into Russian as "ещё", and in which as "уже"?

Examples for thought:

Have you done your homework yet? - Ты уже сделал уроки?
Haven't you done your homework yet? - Ты ещё не сделал уроки?

Looks like declarative version is уже, while negative is ещё, but..

"Are you doing your homework yet?" can be both: "Ты уже делаешь уроки?" (Have you started yet?) and "Ты ещё делаешь уроки?" (Haven't you finshed yet?)
Same with "Aren't you doing your homework yet?": "Ты ещё не делаешь уроки?" (Haven't you started yet?) and "Ты уже не делаешь уроки?" (Have you finished yet?)

P.S. Russian is my mother tongue, более того, пару лет назад я занял I место в онлайновом конкурсе знатоков русского языка, проводимого Пермским политехническим университетом, but I can't formulate that..
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translating a dialogue from a film [мар. 13, 2015|03:40 pm]
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I have a fun one for you all. Anyone want to try to translate this hilarious and untranslatable dialogue from the film Free Floating (Svobodnoe plavanie, Khlebnikov, 2006)? Here's my version below...

Ну и чё ты?

А ты чё?

Да работа чё. А ты чё?

Да я так..

Ну чё пока?


"-Well, what?

-You, what?

-Well, I'm working, that's what.

And what's with you?

-Oh, you know...

-Well, bye then?

-Alright cya."


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Translation of графическое письмо [фев. 12, 2015|11:02 am]
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Dear all,

again I am here for your help. Does anybody know what graficheskoe pis'mo means in the context of music?
For exampe (about a piece of music for piano):
Тему проводит левая рука,в нижнем регистре(главная партия), а правая очень"примитивно" аккомпанирует,то есть используются простые,арпеджионные фигурации с альбертиевыми басами.Вроде мысль понятная,средства минимальные,гомофонная фактура,графическое письмо.
I understand everything but the last two words. Graphic text? The musical score? I'm lost...

Big thanks in advance! :-)
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The world is build on... what? [фев. 9, 2015|10:59 pm]
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Dear all!
I read that Tsvetaeva wrote that "мир построен на созвучиях" and I'm trying to make sense of that. Does anybody know what sozvuchiye means in this context? The dictionary says  assonance, consonance, accord...

Thank you! :-)
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Translation of зелень ? [фев. 3, 2015|07:25 pm]
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Dear all,

What do you think is the best American equivalent for зелень? The dictionary gives "greens, herbs," but I am wondering if зелень in Russia usually refers to a specific type of herb (e.g., green onion, celantro, etc.?) or the general category of green herbs? Thanks!

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Searching for a saying or aphorism [дек. 23, 2014|10:56 am]
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Dear all,

I think I heard a good aphorism in Russian once that meant, essentially "Don't worry about trying to transform society, but just take care of your own personal situation and society will improve" -- maybe something about one's own огород or двор, but I'm not sure.  Is there any aphorism or krylatoe vyrazhenie that means something like this?

Happy Holidays.

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translation difficulties [дек. 20, 2014|01:52 pm]
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Hi! :-)

I'm translating a text about an musician & there's a phrase I don't really get:
(In the sentences before the author states that the artist for several reasons doesn't belong to a certain style of music):
Об артистизме как игре своим искусством ― и речи быть не может!

What does the first part of the sentence mean? Something like L'art pourt l'art? Thank you so much for your help in advance!!

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(без темы) [дек. 17, 2014|10:13 pm]
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Hi all!

I posted this in linguaphiles, and it was suggested I cross-post it here, too. :)

I have a Russian oral exam coming up, where I'm supposed to reproduce five short texts from memory that I've written on themes I've been assigned.

While the texts obviously have to be grammatically correct, we've been given to understand that we can basically do whatever we want to arrive at that end result, like taking entire sentences from Wikipedia or other Russian websites, asking for corrections from native speakers, and so on. The idea is to be sure that what you have is correct and then memorise it, so you'll have a small mental database of correct grammatical constructions, I guess.

As such, I'd be super grateful if any of you would be willing to take a look at what I've written and let me know what mistakes I've made, suggest more authentic sounding ways to phrase things, and whatnot.

Читать дальше...Свернуть )

Thanks so much in advance for any corrections or advice you can give me! :)
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материк? [ноя. 23, 2014|03:28 pm]
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Is there a slang word материк that means something like 'the big city' or to the capital?

In a recent film, Комбинат надежда, which takes place in the industrial town Norilsk, they keep saying something like "На материку улетаешь?" which I assume means, "Are you leaving for the big city?" What is this word? Is it slang? In 12 years of speaking Russian I haven't heard it...

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Translation help [ноя. 19, 2014|09:54 am]
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Dear Community,

Could you give me feedback on my translation below? I am mostly concerned with the difficulties of translating 'петляя по ухабам безвременья':

Much thanks!

Понадобилось двадцать лет, чтобы наше кино, петляя по ухабам безвременья, наконец-то избавилось от синдрома стыдливого страха перед «социалкой», каковая считалась меткой совкового мышления, и вслух заговорило об этом — о постсоветском социальном устройстве

“It took twenty years for our cinema, dodging along the potholes of timelessness, to finally rid itself of the syndrome of shameful avoidance of “social cinema,” which was considered a mark of Soviet thinking. Our cinema has finally spoken out about these things — about the post-Soviet social order.”

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