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Someone who can correct my mistakes, please! [май. 31, 2016|10:18 am]
Learn Russian


Hi, I'm Angelica, I'm Italian, I study English and Russian and it's my first experience on Live Journal! I need to improve my Russian writing skills  so I would like someone to see and correct my posts. Is there anyone who could give a look to my entries in my journal? Thank you in advance ;)  

[User Picture]From: sobaka_by
2016-05-31 09:21 am
Хороший способ пропиарить свой жж ;)
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[User Picture]From: oryx_and_crake
2016-05-31 01:04 pm


Please note that the working language of this community is English. Thank you.
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[User Picture]From: dragon_flying
2016-05-31 11:16 am
добавила вас в друзья, вы уже очень хорошо пишете :)
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[User Picture]From: angelicagallo
2016-05-31 01:01 pm
Cпасибо за поощрение! ;)
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[User Picture]From: angelicagallo
2016-05-31 01:16 pm
Thank you for your encouragement!
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[User Picture]From: dil
2016-05-31 01:31 pm
"поощрение" is mostly "reward", or "promotion".

In this case I'd say "за понимание" (for understanding), "за поддержку" (for supporting), or just "за положительную оценку"(for appreciation).
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[User Picture]From: angelicagallo
2016-05-31 01:32 pm
"за поддержку" I meant... Thank you!
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[User Picture]From: oryx_and_crake
2016-05-31 01:04 pm


Please note that the working language of this community is English. Thank you.
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[User Picture]From: dil
2016-05-31 01:14 pm
I've subscribed to your journal. Do you want to get comments about correcting your posts here, or via private messages, or just under your posts?

P.S. Why did you decide to learn Russian? It's not that easy...
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[User Picture]From: angelicagallo
2016-05-31 01:29 pm
In my first year of University (for translators, linguistic mediators and interpreters) I was asked to choose a second language between Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Russian, and I chose Russian, firstly a little bit blindly and instinctively. But now I'm happy with my choice, as it's a useful language for tourism field, where I work. I have been in Moscow only for one month but I'd like to come back, to improve my language skills! (Maybe I will change, going to Saint Petersburg!) Thank you for your reply, you could write your corrections here!
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[User Picture]From: dil
2016-05-31 01:58 pm
OK, let's start with your profile:

"Я родилась в маленьким месте на Юге Италии, где теперь Я живу."
в маленьком месте
On the other hand, it should be "в маленьком городке", "в маленькой деревне" or something like that. Just "место" doesn't make sense here.

The first letters of "юг" (а также "север", "восток", "запад") are not capitalized in Russian, unless they are the first words in a sentence, or part of a placename (e.g. "Северная Корея").

Same with "я", it's capital only as the first word in a sentence.

"в одной из самых знаменитых агенствов"
Must be "в одном из самых знаменитых агентств". Агентство is masculine, and written with "т", like in "агент", while in English it's "agency" with no "t".

"сейчась я продольжаю учиться"
"сейчас" и "продолжаю" have no "ь"

"для того, чтобы закончить высшее образование."
Not "закончить", but "получить".

В прошлом году Я принял участие"
I suppose, you are female, then "приняла участие"

"на Фестиваль европейского кино"
must be "в фестивале"

"русского филма"

"Я интересуюсь тоже турисмом."
Must be "Я также интересуюсь туризмом"

"работала в гостиницу"
в гостинице

"в последным году"
в прошлом году

"Это элитарный ресорт"
Must be "курорт". "ресорт" is not a Russian word.
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[User Picture]From: pusets
2016-05-31 04:07 pm
"Закончить высшее образование" — "законченное высшее образование". It's correct.
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[User Picture]From: zupanik
2016-05-31 09:19 pm
Агентство is neutral.
Закончить высшее образование is OK if it's been interrupted.
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[User Picture]From: dil
2016-06-01 08:51 am
Oops.. You are quite right!
Агентство is neutral indeed, can't understand why I wrote masculine...
And you can "закончить высшее образование" if it was interrupted.

Anyhow "получить образование" is correct in both cases, if it was interrupted, or not.
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[User Picture]From: dil
2016-06-01 09:07 am

Your first post


"мне 24 лет" must be "мне 24 года"

It's a bit difficult in Russian:
when the integer part of number ends with 1 - it's "год", e.g. "мне 1/21/101 год"
2,3,4 - "года": "мне 63 года"
5,6,7,8,9,0 - "лет": "мне 10/18/25/100 лет"

It doesn't change if you add half year:
"мне 23.5 (двадцать три с половиной) года"
"мне 25.5 (двадцать пять с половиной) лет"
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